Mural in Newport Grand Opening 

Crowd gathered inside the Newport basement for mural painting unveiling.

Many Amherst Latinx students, including myself, painted Newport’s new mural this semester. Before I arrived at Amherst College, the Newport basement had a different mural by different artists at the time. Newport is a dorm catered to Latinx students and La Casa (an attachment to Newport) is catered to Spanish-speaking students. The Amherst Latinx students…Continue Reading Mural in Newport Grand Opening 

Zero Proof Bar

I attended my first zero-proof bar event this week in Hitch. What is a zero-proof bar, might you ask? It is an event hosted by the Residential Engagement & Wellbeing, in co-sponsorship with Amherst College Catering. The Zero Proof Bar has mocktails made by our celebrity baristas (Community Development Coordinators)! There were two different flavors,…Continue Reading Zero Proof Bar

Becoming a CA Mid-semester (Community Advisor)

Students gathered in a group sitting down on couches and talking.

This semester, I was chosen to become a CA (Community Advisor) for Seelye Dorm. My job as a CA is to work in partnership with other members of the Residential Engagement & Wellbeing Team. One of the main reasons I wanted to become a CA is to foster an inclusive and supportive community. I attended…Continue Reading Becoming a CA Mid-semester (Community Advisor)

Studying Abroad

Valentine Hall viewed from Valentine Quad in autumn

At Amherst, tons of people study abroad, especially during their junior year. Studying abroad can be a valuable experience because it’s a great opportunity to get to immerse yourself in a new culture, and even get to practice a new language, for a semester. Also, many students are able to get credits abroad for their…Continue Reading Studying Abroad

Diversity in Academics

Science Center lobby filled with students presenting their research posters

Students looking into Amherst College may notice how much the college emphasizes its commitment to diversity and inclusion. As a current college student, I am still reminded daily of this commitment, especially through academics. As I mentioned in last year’s post about intersectionality at Amherst, tons of courses at Amherst address socio-political issues and different…Continue Reading Diversity in Academics