Students gathered in a group sitting down on couches and talking.

This semester, I was chosen to become a CA (Community Advisor) for Seelye Dorm. My job as a CA is to work in partnership with other members of the Residential Engagement & Wellbeing Team. One of the main reasons I wanted to become a CA is to foster an inclusive and supportive community. I attended a public school education; therefore, living in a dorm on my arrival at Amherst College was foreign to me. The transition was difficult, and I often felt homesick. I relied on CA events and treats to create a space closer to home. My previous CA contributed to that space and helped create a residential experience centered on well-being. One of my favorite memories was an Antonio’s pizza game night. Before I had been a CA, I was a residential tutor for the Summer Bridge program. Before becoming a CA, I did Some of the events with Summer Bridge residents: going out to dinner, going on a Nonotuck trail, grabbing ice cream, beading, and so much more. 

My first task as a CA is to create small sour patch name tags. Although it does not seem like such a big task, cutting precisely takes a lot of effort. Forty-two names, forty-two sour patches cut out, forty-two pieces of tape. Seeing the names on a tag and the residents in person at the beginning of the semester meeting was cool. I can not wait to meet more residents, see who is in my class, and see who comes to the events.