I attended my first zero-proof bar event this week in Hitch. What is a zero-proof bar, might you ask? It is an event hosted by the Residential Engagement & Wellbeing, in co-sponsorship with Amherst College Catering. The Zero Proof Bar has mocktails made by our celebrity baristas (Community Development Coordinators)! There were two different flavors, and all drinks were non-alcoholic. This event is a way of practicing safe drinking, experimenting with non-alcoholic drinks, and chatting with friends and/or new people. 

I was able to catch up with my friend Angie, whom I met during Summer Bridge Summer 2022. We talked about the courses we are taking this semester and about favorite food spots in town. We both love running and were able to talk about the trails and gym running variations. I also talked with my ex-roomates’ (before I became a CA) freshman roommate. It was cool to talk about what it is like being friends with Daniela. While these conversations took place, the Midnight Runners performed a couple of their songs and renditions. One of my favorite things of the night was Blackbird by the Wheels. I would highly recommend attending this event, even if it where only for ten minutes.