Now that I am a CA, I have hosted tote and paint where residents showed up to paint/design their tote bags that can be used to carry school materials, groceries, etc. It turned out fairly well, being my first event. I created a flower tote bag that I have used twice to bag my groceries from Target and carry my computer to the cafe where I am sitting. 

A few residents showed up and were interested in chatting and picking up a plain tote bag. Others fully engaged in the image they wanted to create. I painted it with a couple of different flowers. It reminds me of the garden in my local neighborhood park and how the community came together to plant flowers and plants during its opening. The point of having this event is to be sustainable but to also encourage artistic expression. Although we have art classes, sometimes students look for other arts and crafts events like knitting and painting on their terms. I loved Daniela’s tote bag with little kittens all over it. I offered Miss Saigon a variety of boba options. We had Thai tea, Matcha, Pomegranate, and Mango boba. 

I loved seeing friends come together to discuss their weeks, debrief, and paint. I see some of the totes around campus, which feels rewarding. I hope to host more events in the future…possibly skin care.