Visiting the Five Colleges

Did you know that Amherst is part of a five-college consortium? My previous blog mentions the University of Massachusetts (UMass) regarding the students that rehearse and perform with the ASO (Amherst Symphony Orchestra). Those are one of the many connections you can get through Amherst. The consortium consists of five sister schools Amherst College, Mount…Continue Reading Visiting the Five Colleges

NISA hosts Whitney Recountre II and Jessie Taken Alive-Recountre

On March 27, Whitney Recountre II and Jessie Taken Alive-Recountre, present Know Better, Do Better in the Fridmann Room. I drew some connections about the use of humor in musical or oral presentations. The speakers regard humor to be a form of medicine. In regards to the event, the importance of it was to acknowledge…Continue Reading NISA hosts Whitney Recountre II and Jessie Taken Alive-Recountre

Jasmine Hernandez ’26 — Introduction

Jasmine Hernandez ’26

My name is Jasmine Hernandez! I have lived in Los Angeles, California, specifically Culver City, for the past 18 years of my life and made the journey to Amherst College. Currently, I am a first-year (Class of 2026) and would like to double major in LJST (Law, Jurisprudence, and Social Thought) and LLAS (Latinx/Latin American…Continue Reading Jasmine Hernandez ’26 — Introduction