It has been difficult getting back into my usual study sessions. Maybe it is the gloomy and snowy weather. Seasonal (winter) depression is real. I grew up in sunny weather, so my mood has been shifting. One thing I have done to bridge this drastic change is to get a lamp that emits the UV you “would” receive from the sun. But to go back into study sessions, I went out into town with my friend Josie to concentrate. Usually, I would study in school buildings like Frost Library or our newly built Lyceum. Some cool features I like about it are the bricks that wrap the entire building but also appear in some parts. The warm lights make it easy to be in, but this week, I have had too much. Therefore, going out is healthy. 

I am a huge boba-lover, so I went out to study at Lime-red Tea House and tried a new drink while reading a bit of Hobbes. Being in these outdoor spaces makes me feel like there is more to just school and constantly being on campus, especially since most of the students are living on campus. There are other cafes where students also tend to spend their free time and study, such as Shares Coffee, Vivi Bubble Tea, the Works, and so much more. Now that I am a second-year student, I would highly recommend going out and not sticking to the same space, especially when it starts draining your energy. 

Another thing I would recommend to deal with this fatigue is to visit the Wellbeing Makerspace & Mind Spa in the basement of Keefe Center. It has been a way to reduce the stress of having to find a new study spot or all the work I have to complete. It is a way of meditating and using massage chairs or weighted stuffed animals to think about the things that matter most. In all, the things you will have to do will get done, and there are several resources Amherst can provide for every individual.