Why Amherst?

aerial view of the Amherst campus in autumn, with trees in vibrant colors of orange, red, and brown

Hi everyone, I hope you are well! I know admitted students are in the thick of deciding which college to commit to right now, so I thought I would use my blog this week to answer some questions I would’ve wanted to ask current Amherst students when I was considering Amherst. If you have any…Continue Reading Why Amherst?

Ranking Study Spots

Valentine Hall viewed from Valentine Quad in autumn

Hi everyone, I hope you are well! In this blog, I’m going to talk about different study spots on campus, and rank them from most social to least social. Different studying calls for different environments – I know sometimes I prefer to study with friends, but other times I need absolute silence. There are places…Continue Reading Ranking Study Spots

Employment at Amherst

Exterior of the Science Center, a modern building with solar panels

Hi everyone! I hope you are well! In today’s blog, I’m going to write about all the on-campus employment positions I’ve held during my years at Amherst, and the process of how to get jobs. If you have any questions, please email me at sgoldsmith24@amherst.edu! How to get jobs Student job listings at Amherst are…Continue Reading Employment at Amherst